anthony Grimeaux



Hey welcome to you on the presentation of my site, WebGras Digital is a project of sharing between users and web user. I share software and tools for the web, sites where I can download Linux distributions and Windows operating systems.

At 25 years of age, in a week 26 years, I am from Ireland and proud to be Irish!

I don’t know much, I started a year ago with my WordPress site, I am tutorials, and advice on forums.


Why make a site?

I created this site in order to share, because everything I have learned comes from the sharing of others

What do I like about the web?

When I’m on the web I like the expectation that there are Internet users, I like surfing the web, surfing social networks, chatting with friends far away in other countries. The eb I also like the possibility to buy online and especially to be able to work online from his passion